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Baseus SUZJ-02 tablet stand Baseus SUZJ-02 telescopic stand will provide stable support for your tablet and allow you to watch movies or series comfortably. Adjustable height up to 350 mm and tilt up to 45° will make you keep a comfortable position and avoid hunching. Easy to use and made of excellent quality materials, it is suitable for many purposes. The stand is compatible with tablets from   Adjust the height to your needs You no longer have to worry about back pain when watching your favorite series. Just place the tablet on the stand, adjust its position to your needs and sit as you are comfortable. The height of the accessory is adjustable from 270-350 mm. So you can adjust it to your height and preference.   Adjustable angle The angle of the stand can be adjusted between 10° and 45°. It's easy to adjust the angle so that you can maintain good posture and still be comfortable. With this practical accessory, you can forget about eye fatigue and neck pain - your desired comfort is closer than you think!   Unparalleled stability The stand is also extremely stable. Its base has a 500g weight capacity, which makes it even more stable on a flat surface. The position where you place the tablet is tilted 10° to prevent it from falling out. Silicon pads and a woven fabric cover further protect your equipment from drops and provide unparalleled stability.   Charge your tablet while watching The accessory is extremely convenient to use. You can easily place it with one hand. The stand is also designed in such a way that it does not obstruct the device's ports. So you can conveniently charge it while you work or watch a TV show and be sure it won't shut down when you don't want it to.   Use it how you want The stand has a lot of different uses. You can use it not only for watching movies and TV series, but also while studying or working. Place your tablet on it and display the content you need for quick and convenient access. You can also use the accessory when you play mobile games. One thing is for sure - Baseus SUZJ-02 stand will come in handy!

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