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Baseus Lets Slip Waterproof Bag is a versatile waterproof case that will be perfect for unusual holiday situations. The case has received IPX8 waterproof certificate, which confirms the safe immersion of the device located in the cover up to 30 meters deep. Universal case size fits devices up to 7.2 inches in size. The design of the case is designed so that the smartphone, even during the most unusual situations, remains protected from the effects of flooding or drowning. In addition, there is also a leash, with which we hang the smartphone around the neck or on the wrist, with the phone always close to each other. The case is made of flexible soft plastic, which does not interfere with the comfortable use of the phone. Baseus Lets Slip Waterproof Bag is a cover that is perfect for protection against sand dirt or water flooding. This is a gadget that will work during summer rest, which will not only allow the safe use of the phone in difficult conditions, but also thanks to which we will immortalise wonderful moments with photos and videos in unusual, holiday situations. PRODUCT FEATURES: - 100% Original - Packed in original packaging - Provides full waterproof and dustproof IPX8 - Suitable for devices up to 7.2 inches - Water resistance up to 30 meters Set includes: 1 x Baseus Lets Slip Case

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